Our Bookkeeping  Solution


We can take care of your bookkeeping on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  We work on a fixed fee basis and will quote you that after our initial chat.​

The Platform​

We use Xero as our bookkeeping platform, we have done for the past 9 years as it is in our opinion the best solution out there.


With our team's extensive knowledge of the Xero platform, we know how to make it fit perfectly around your business.

We have not only the expertise but the processes to make it sing and dance.

Heading 6

Sharing the data

Sharing data is key to the updating of Xero, we use the popular file-sharing App Dropbox which we provide completely FREE OF CHARGE.  You simply add your invoices and receipts to your personal Dropbox file and we do the rest.


We like to process the items personally and do not use data reading Apps as standard (although happy to if you prefer). We find this gives far more accurate results, no computer will ever understand your business as well as you the owner and us the bookkeeper.

Monitor an Email account

Or if it is easier we can monitor an accounts @ email account that you provide, we will process this email account with all the receipts and invoices that are sent to it.

Bringing it all together

Once we have added the receipts and invoices, coded them correctly and added VAT if applicable we then use the bank feed function in Xero to make sure the latest bank transaction from your business bank account has been pulled into Xero, we then reconcile these transactions against the receipts and invoices.


You will then see exactly who owes you what and also what you owe, an accurate up to date cash position and also the overall profitability of your business.


All this also allows you to see where you're spending your money and what on, we can track project profitability or for example site profitability if you have multiple sites.


There really is no end to the possibilities that up to date and accurate information gives you.


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